The beaches and forests of Saint Jean de Monts

The Vendée department is known for its living environment. Saint-Jean de Monts Saint-Jean de Monts, a famous seaside resort, is the perfect example of a preserved nature.

Nearby, you will find no less than 8 kilometers of beach. Swimming, sunbathing or walking, there are many ways to enjoy the seaside. In Saint-Jean de Monts, there is something for everyone: with its 22 beaches, you will find all types of landscapes and activities:

  • Lively beaches, with sports and festive events.
  • Beaches adapted to children (easy access, supervised, ultra safe, with water without current).
  • Little corners of paradise, smaller, more secret beaches to relax.
  • Beaches with wildlife to explore, offering their visitors splendid panoramas.
  • Or even the beaches accessible to dogs, for long walks with our four-legged friends.

Not only that, but the surrounding forests are also great places to visit!

Take the forest of Saint-Jean, a huge area of 800 hectares! With a length of 30 kilometers and a width of between 500 meters and 2 kilometers, you can walk for hours on the paths in the middle of the vegetation. Very well maintained and protected, you will find a varied flora such as holm oaks, maples, arbutus trees and the famous maritime pines.

The bike path runs along the forest for some great rides!

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